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            By Diana Knudson                                                 September, 2015


Welcome Back!  We had a great Summer Institute.  The summer flew by quickly.  I was invited to train in several great GTCC schools before school started, and I so enjoy reconnecting with so many good friends.   Winnett is a new school to our coop, and I visited the staff Monday.  What a beautiful school and quality staff.  Welcome to you!


The Journal is a technology magazine that I truly enjoy each month.  It is amazing the transformation that is taking place across the United States when it comes to technology.   One article caught my eye because I have a granddaughter who loves Minecraft.  The article is aimed at the positives of using video games as a teaching tool.  Fifty-five percent of teachers use video games in the classroom on a weekly basis and report improved student engagement, attendance, behavior and performance.  Paying attention to that research, Shane Asselstine, curriculum and tech coordinator for Momilani Elementary School in Oahu, HI, started using Minecraft three years ago.  He has found a way to teach all grade 3-6 common core math standards through the

Game.  The idea is that video games lend themselves to an “activity before concept” approach, meaning students need to work with a concept, play with it, see it, touch it, feel it, all before the teacher presents the full-fledged content (Meyer, Leila.  The Journal, 4 Innovative Ways to Teach With Video Games, August, September, 2015, pp. 20-24).  The educational version of the game is MinecraftEdu.


A contest is a great way to start the year.  Send your name to Brianna ( and she will enter you into a drawing at the end of September for a $100 gift card.


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Grant Opportunity for Music, Drama, or Library

Please notify Music Instructors, Drama coaches, and/or Librarians within your district.

The Montana Masonic Foundation (MMF) would like to offer an opportunity to enhance educational opportunities for Music, Drama, or Library students.  Grants of upwards of $2500 will be awarded to approximately six Montana school programs to improve student achievement in these targeted areas. Please complete the MMF Grant application available at this link:


Please direct inquiries to:
Thom Chisholm, Superintendent Plains Public Schools
Mobile Phone -- 406-396-9208
Email --

In the fierce competition for funding, here's how you can make your application rise to the top.
7 Proven Strategies for Winning Ed Tech Grants

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