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            By Diana Knudson                                                October, 2015

“Knowledge does not make change.”  This is my favorite sentence so far from a book Brianna and I are now reading.  Switch by Chip and Dan Heath is by far one of the best books I have ever read about the change process.  We all have the knowledge at this point to know that we need to have our students read more complex materials, write in all classes, and learn math conceptually before attacking the algorithm.  But how many of us have actually made that change even though we know it is the only way to prepare our students for the big world out there.  First, we stop looking backward and analyzing why things did not work.  This next month let’s look for BRIGHT SPOTS or the small moments when we are proud of our instruction—where students are engaged and feedback tells us they are learning; we are not just teaching.  Then, as simple as that, replicate, replicate, replicate.  Build more of those moments where students are thinking and writing, reading complex text and using evidence from that text to back up their opinions, and understanding math, not just doing it.  I will give another Switch idea next month.


In October we have our School Counselor curriculum revision meeting October 5 and the Techies meeting October 7.  See you there.


Our winner of our contest this month is Heidi Owens at Dupuyer.  Let’s have another contest this month.  Send Brianna your name for a $100 gift card. 



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