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                        By Diana Knudson                                             May, 2016
Hi and Welcome to May
It might be worth your while to go to the OPI website and notice some significant changes. A new page called the Teaching & Assessment page, formerly the Curriculum and Instruction page, has 3 categories that are all important.

· Professional Learning Tools features links to the Hub, Learning Opportunities Portal, and more. The Hub has free on-line classes for all of you. OPI has already awarded 5000 renewal units. The Learning Opportunities Portal has a calendar of professional development opportunities statewide. The GTCC Summer Institute class are also listed here.
· Montana’s Academic Standards
· Professional learning Resources site shares support for IEFA, Early Childhood, Special Education, and more.
Beginning on April 29th, the calendar button at the top of OPI website will direct you to a list of three calendars that house events and deadlines for Montana schools:
· The Learning Opportunities Portal contains information about trainings and conferences
· The Collections, Deadlines, Notices, and Data Verification Calendar allows users to find everything required by the OPI in a given time period
· The State eCalendar lists OPI meetings that fit public notice requirements
I am so happy to use the above updated sites and especially the Learning Hub and Learning Opportunities Portal. Check it out. Christy Mock-Stutz (ELA) and Jake Warner (Math) are two of the OPI specialist ready and willing to help you with questions or resources.
Congratulations to Shawn Christiaens of Sunburst Elementary School! Shawn was the winner of last month’s GTCC gift card drawing.
Check out the GTCC Summer Institute ( Register and take advantage of the great value our summer classes provide for Golden Triangle teachers. And don’t wait too long. Classes are already filling.




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The New Formative Assessment Tool

For a limited time, Measured Progress is offering one free middle school STEM Gauge™ item set to use in your classroom to see how it can help you integrate the three dimensions of Performance Expectations. This formative assessment tool provides 15 topic-based item sets based the NGSS*.

You can choose your free item set on one of three topics:

With your free topic set, you will also get access to our Teacher's Guide and Formative Support Tools so you can really engage your students in formative assessment practices around the topic of your choice.  

Learn how STEM Gauge can help you.



Check out the new additions to OPI's Teacher Learning Hub at the following:   Learning Hub.



Reading skills and speed reading programs offered online this summer for Preschool - High School students.  Offered through the UofM, designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.

Phonics - Comprehension - Fluency - Textbook Study Skills - Speed Reading - Love of Reading

For more information or to register call 1-800-964-9974.

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